1991 Trivia, Fun Facts and History

1991 Trivia, Fun Facts and History

Top Ten Baby Names of 1991:
Ashley, Jessica, Brittany, Amanda, Samantha, Michael, Chris, Topher, Matthew, Joshua, Andrew

The Hotties and Fashion Icons:
Elle Macpherson

Hollywood Hunks and Leading Men:
Gérard Depardieu, Patrick Swayze

“The 1991 Quotes:”
“Hello Clarice”
“A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.”
– Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter in ‘Silence of the Lambs

“I crap bigger than you”
– Jack Palance in ‘City Slickers’

“The few, the proud, the Marines”
– United States Marines ad

“The quicker picker-upper”
-Bounty paper towels

“Hasta La Vista Baby”
– Arnold Schwarzenegger, in ‘The Terminator 2: Judgement Day’

Time Magazine’s Man of the Year:
Ted Turner

Miss America:
Marjorie Vincent (Oak Park, IL)

Miss USA:
Kelli McCarty (Kansas)

The Scandals:
Kentucky Fried Chicken officially changed its name to KFC. Conspiracists claimed that it was because they weren’t selling actual chickens, but some kind of cloned, headless chicken bodies. So the original name was supposedly shortened so it would no longer be “false advertising.”

Paul ‘Pee Wee Herman’ Reubens was caught in adult theater doing an inappropriate public act.

Cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was captured. He had killed, and sometimes eaten, 17 people.

Tailhook Scandal:
Marines getting rowdy with the female marines in Las Vegas.

Airplane Celebrity Death:
Senator John Heinz

Pop Culture History:
‘Silence Of The Lambs’ won the big five Oscars – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Writing.

Liz Taylor married hubby # 7, Larry Fortensky, at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. They met in a rehab center.

It became a lot easier for many to quit smoking when Nicoderm CQ’s nicotine patch was approved by the FDA.

The Calloway Golf Company’s ‘Big Bertha’ club was introduced. The club revolutionized how the game of golf would be played.

Cost of a Superbowl ad in 1991: $800,000

Unsung Hero:
Tim Berners-Lee came up with the idea of making ‘links’ on his own compter, then others, creating “The Information Mine” (TIM) later renamed the “World Wide Web.” . He renounced patent rights because it “would have scuppered the whole thing. It never would have taken off.”

The Habit:
The cool kids were listening to Nirvana’s Nevermind album.

1st appearances & 1991’s Most Popular Christmas gifts, toys and presents:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys and action figures, Rollerblade Barbie, Super Soaker water gun, K’Nex, Myst

Popular and Notable Books From 1991:
A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley
America Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands by Stephen King
The Doomsday Conspiracy by Sidney Sheldon
The Firm by John Grisham
Goodnight Moon (orig. 1942 board book) by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd
Heartbeat by Danielle Steel
Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn
I Spy: A Book of Picture Riddles by Jean Marzollo, photos by Walter Wick
The Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin, Gerorge Perez and Ron Lim
The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan
Loves Music, Loves to Dance
by Mary Higgins Clark
Mao II by Don DeLillo
Mating by Norman Rush
Needful Things by Stephen King
Night Over Water by Ken Follett
No Greater Love by Danielle Steel
Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss
The Plains of Passage by Jean M. Auel
Possession by A.S. Byatt
Remember by Barbara Taylor Bradford
Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley
The Secret Pilgrim by John le Carre
The Seeress of Kell by David Eddings
The Sum of All Fears by Tom Clancy

Broadway Show – Miss Saigon (Musical) Opened on April 11, 1991 and Closed: January 28, 2001

Best Film Oscar Winner:
Dances with Wolves (presented in 1991)

1991 Entries to The National Film Registry:
2001: A Space Odyssey (released in 1968)
The Battle of San Pietro (released in 1945)
The Blood of Jesus (released in 1941)
Chinatown (released in 1974)
City Lights (released in 1931)
David Holzman’s Diary (released in 1968)
Frankenstein (released in 1931)
Gertie The Dinosaur (released in 1914)
Gigi (released in 1958)
Greed (released in 1924)
High School (released in 1969)
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (released in 1932)
The Italian (released in 1915)
King Kong (released in 1933)
Lawrence of Arabia (released in 1962)
The Magnificent Ambersons (released in 1942)
My Darling Clementine (released in 1946)
Out of the Past (released in 1947)
A Place in the Sun (released in 1951)
The Poor Little Rich Girl (released in 1917)
The Prisoner of Zenda (released in 1937)
Shadow of a Doubt (released in 1943)
Sherlock, Jr. (released in 1924)
Tevye (released in 1939)
Trouble in Paradise (released in 1932)

The Big Movies: (according to boxofficemojo)
1. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
2. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
3. Beauty and the Beast
4. Silence of the Lambs
5. City Slickers
6. Hook
7. The Addams family
8. Sleeping With The Enemy
9. Father of the Bride
10. The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear

1991 Most Popular TV shows:
1. 60 Minutes (CBS)
2. Roseanne (ABC)
3. Murphy Brown (CBS)
4. Cheers (NBC)
5. Home Improvemnt (ABC)
6. Designing Women (CBS)
7. Full House (ABC)
8. Murder, She Wrote (CBS)
9. Major Dad (CBS)
10. Coach (ABC)

1991 Billboard Number One Songs:
December 8, 1990 – January 4, 1991:
Because I Love You (The Postman Song) – Stevie B

January 5 – January 18:
Justify My Love – Madonna

January 19 January 25:
Love Will Never Do (Without You) – Janet Jackson

January 26 – February 8:
The First Time – Surface

February 9 – February 22:
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) – C&C Music Factory featuring Freedom Williams

February 23 – March 8:
All the Man That I Need – Whitney Houston

March 9 – March 23:
Someday – Mariah Carey

March 23 – March 29:
One More Try – Timmy T.

March 30 – April 12:
Coming out of the Dark – Gloria Estefan

April 13 – April 19:
I’ve Been Thinking About You – Londonbeat

April 20 – April 26:
You’re in Love – Wilson Phillips

April 27 – May 10:
Baby Baby – Amy Grant

May 11 – May 17:
Joyride – Roxette

May 18 – May 24:
I Like the Way (The Kissing Game) – Hi-Five

May 25 – June 7:
I Don’t Wanna Cry – Mariah Carey

June 8 – June 14:
More Than Words – Extreme

June 15 – July 19:
Rush, Rush – Paula Abdul

July 20 – July 26:
Unbelievable – EMF

July 27 – September 23:
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You – Bryan Adams

September 14 – September 20:
The Promise of a New Day – Paula Abdul

September 21 – October 4:
I Adore Mi Amor – Color Me Badd

October 5 – October 11:
Good Vibrations – Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch featuring Loleatta Holloway

October 12 – November 1:
Emotions – Mariah Carey

November 2 – November 8:
Romantic – Karyn White

November 9 – November 22:
Cream – Prince & the New Power Generation

November 23 – November 29:
When a Man Loves a Woman – Michael Bolton

November 30 – December 6:
Set Adrift on Memory Bliss – PM Dawn

December 7, 1991- January 24, 1992:
Black Or White – Michael Jackson

World Series Champions: Minnesota Twins
Superbowl XXV Champions: New York Giants
NBA Champions: Chicago Bulls
Stanley Cup Champs: Pittsburgh Penguins
U.S. Open Golf Payne Stewart
U.S. Tennis: (Men/Ladies) Stefan Edberg/Monica Seles
Wimbledon (Men/Women): Michael Stitch/Steffi Graf
NCAA Football Champions: Miami & Washington
NCAA Basketball Champions: Duke
Kentucky Derby: Strike The Gold


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